Material stuff isn’t everything but I do believe it matters. It matters because – unless you live in the middle of the woods – it’s what we’re surrounded by and we can either be inspired by our environment or demotivated. I’m not a fan of consumerism for the sake of it, brainwashed into buying stuff we don’t need, but when I ‘need’ a particular item I put time and effort into finding ‘The One’.

What’s this got to do with coaching and self-development, eh? Our purchases give out messages to the Universe about our self-worth. Do we invest in ourselves with something that makes us feel happy or do we head to the bargain-bin and accept something that will always dull our emotions each time we pick it up? Are we the kind of person who will ‘make do’ or do we expect nothing other than the best? Whatever vibration we give out, we attract back to ourselves. I bought a purse (wallet) recently that makes me so happy each time I use it and this leads to me keeping it organised and clutter-free which in-turn creates a message about how I treat money in my life and thus – I believe – attracts abundance.

It’s the height of the Marie Kondo craze – the philosophy of getting rid of anything that doesn’t ‘spark joy’. Joy, after all, is one of the highest-vibrational emotions in the Universe so it’s important that we tune in to these feelings. Her philosophy is equally true when buying something – buy only those things that make you happy inside. By doing that you will create an environment fit for the highest version of yourself. What sparks joy is different from one person to the next and paying attention to our reactions to what makes up our everyday environment will help us on our path to our desired life. Follow those flashes of beauty like clues and they will lead to an overflowing treasure chest.Like plants we need the right soil in which to blossom. For us to allow in the greatness we need our environment to reflect and nurture our inner-awesomeness.

What do your purchases say about you?